As a child, Tara Keating could always be found drawing, coloring and piling little sticks together. Later, she explored a variety artistic endeavors including theater set design, fiber arts, paper-making, sculpture and performance art. After many years as a factotum, she returned to the studio in 2016. She shares her process, ideas and the development of her work in the monthly newsletter Studio Notes.
"I am inspired by color, beauty and light in the world around me. Although I live in an urban environment, nature is everywhere and it charmsĀ me.
I enjoy the process of creating and manipulating paint on the surface of canvas and panels. The process of creating abstract work allows me to get in touch with my subconscious mind and explore mark-making, movement and ideas that sometimes remain ineffable. It is this attempt to communicate the sublime that feels magical to me."
Tara Keating is a painter and mixed-media artist in Chicago. She is also a gardener and birder who likes to travel by bicycle. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in painting and drawing from the University of San Francisco. More of her work can be found on herĀ  Instagram feed @Studio.Keating.
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